UT,就是統一測驗 (uniform test),上完體育課就上班房拿成績表了。老師說平均分大約62分就是會考中的10分左右,我平均分是58分,即是大概9分吧,預料的差。當中 a-maths 覺得最不值,我怎麼能連個合格也拿不了!最差的就是化學了,如常地爛,不過因為測驗中沒考所以只是計了平時小測的分,雖然我覺得測了也差不多(囧)。

當然這個測驗我完全不放在眼內也是原因之一,但是說到底都是我平時不夠勤力所致,接下來的 mock 我一定要好得多!

“Don’t give up. Don’t be stressed.
Feel down or depressed.
May I’ve also had those bad days,
when I just wanna give up like the rest,
and let me tell you somethin’ yo.
You know yourself best.
Stay strong. Right wrongs.
That’s the key to success. Let’s go.”      -K.O.Ten


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